G3 brings on Dave Norona as athlete team coordinator

Dave Norona likes to get out there and get after it, whether itÕs backcountry skiing, mountain biking, kite surfing, sledding or any number of activities. He also likes to share the stoke with others. And that makes him a great fit as G3Õs new athlete team coordinator. HereÕs a little vid of the kind of thing Dave likes to do in his free time Ð a little heli-assisted mountain bike decent from up at snowline down through the amazing country there is outside Pemberton, BC. But Dave does it all, and heÕs as happy doing this as he is doing a nine-hour ski tour in the Coast Range. DaveÕs a good fit as G3Õs team coordinator because he knows the scene from the inside out. In the past 20 years, heÕs traveled the world, competing some of the toughest adventure and endurance races. He has cycled, run, paddled and cross-country skied in over 400 events with more than 100 victories. HeÕs also one of only five people in the world to have skied the 1,800 km Iditarod Dog Sled Trail. These days, he runs NoronaLife, a team-building and motivational-speaking company, and generally gets after it as much as he can in and around his home in Vancouver. ÒIÕm a huge advocate of incorporating outdoor sports into peopleÕs lives, and IÕve seen personally through my life and through my work incorporating adventure sports into team-building and motivational speaking what that can offer others,Ó Norona said. ÒWorking as G3Õs athlete team manager lets me add one more facet of that work to my life, and IÕm also stoked to work with great Vancouver-born brand like G3.Ó Check out NoronaÕs blog at www.noronalife.com/blog