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Replacement Straps (Pair)


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Back up or replacement lightweight and comfortable pole straps. Compatible with all G3 poles.

Comfort and weight are paramount for these easily adjustable wrist straps. The clip makes it super easy to remove your straps for backcountry skiing or tree skiing, and the form-fitting material wraps and supports the hand, evenly distributing weight across your palms.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Compatible with all G3 poles
  • Easily adjustable and removable

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ethan M.
Even Better Than The Original

Low profile now and nice to have new velcro.

Much lower quality than the original straps

The only thing about these straps that match the original strap I had to replace is the plastic clip that snaps into the handle (that's the piece that broke). Otherwise, this strap is nowhere near the same quality as the original—The material, stitching, and remaining plastic/rubber components are all less robust/cheaper. The straps will work fine but, like the other reviewer, I'm disappointed. For the cost to replace just the straps, I would have been better off buying a new set of poles. Photo—replacement strap on left.

bob l.
Smaller, cheaper...

The straps ar much smaller and don’t seem as strong as the original ones. Ce serait bien aussi que vos communications soient bilingues, merci !

david h.
G3 replacement straps

While I’m glad they have replacement straps, they are not at all like the original ones. The replacement straps are much thinner and flimsier. They will work, but are not nearly as comfortable as the original ones.