MINIMIST UNIVERSAL Climbing Skins (Past Season) - Skins - G3 Store [CAD]
MINIMIST UNIVERSAL Climbing Skins (Past Season) - Skins - G3 Store [CAD]

MINIMIST UNIVERSAL Climbing Skins (Past Season)

G3 Genuine Guide Gear®
Width (match widest part of skis)
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Building on the strength of the classic ALPINIST, the MINIMIST UNIVERSAL is the lightest, most packable fully-featured nylon skin in the world with unparalleled versatility, durability, and usability.

The side-to-side stiffness in the backing material of every MINIMIST skin creates a directionally rigid platform making it harder for snow to creep between your skin and ski base and extending the use of your adhesive. G3's low profile, elongated tail strap makes transitions fast and easy. The refined camming clip stays positioned on the ski, reduces wear and allows for easy adjustments. 

Removable rip strip reduces skin-to-skin adhesion, making it easier to pull apart skins. If your glue gets contaminated on an epic traverse, you can remove the strip for extra adhesion.

  • Laterally stiff to reduce snow creep
  • Bomber tail connector
  • Removable rip strip
  • Trim Tool & Skin Savers included
  • Updated non-toxic adhesive lets you do more laps and cover more terrain
  • PFOA-free waterproofing treatment that exceeds environmental standards
  • Proudly designed, tested and manufactured in BC, Canada

Tech Specs

Lengths: 150 - 166cm 161 - 177cm 172 - 188cm 183 - 199cm
Size: X Short Short Medium Long
Weight (kg): 197g - 251g 210g - 271g 223g - 295g 246g - 303g
Weight (lb): 6.9oz - 8.9oz 7.4oz - 9.6oz 7.9oz - 10.4oz 8.7oz - 10.7oz
Width: 100mm 115mm 130mm 145mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ron L.
Incredible grip, yet glides smooth

Amazed at the grip and glide all in one skin. I’ve owned other brands and styles in the past and have felt skins tend to sacrifice one feature to aid with another but these however nailed it. I highly recommend and am excited for the versatility.

René J.

Very satisfaid

I like it

These are my first pair of climbing skins, and I bought the them at the end of March for uphill access in the Eastcoast (Catskill) resort. I thought I was going to use it in 2023/24 season because I didnt think I would receive them before the resort closing. Fortunately, I received them a week before closing and I used them on slush snows with icy patches (around 40F) for a day. As a beginner and first time climbing skins user, I have to say that I was extremely happy with the performance. I am saying this based on the slushy and icy and muddy condition on a blue run (not sure about powder condition until 2024), the skins were grippy and there was no slipping at all. My skis are 184cm and I bought the skins of 145 / M [172 - 188 cm] per G3 recommendation.

Sizing chart is off

I really wanted to like these skins! The materials and design are great. The reason for my three star review is that when I used the size S with my 173 cm Black Diamond Helio Recon 95s, they didn't cover the back 1/3 of my ski bases. So, I slid around a lot. Unusable, ultimately disappointing, and a waste of money. Please revise your sizing chart so other people don't make the same mistake.

Hi Lindsey, Thanks for your review. For a 173cm ski our size chart suggests either a Short or a Medium depending on how much coverage is wanted. There's a lot of personal preference when it comes to skin coverage, but we would typically recommend the smaller size since most of your skin’s grip comes from just a few dozen centimeters under the binding while fabric on the tip and tail creates unnecessary drag. Exposed ski base can significantly improve glide and efficiency without affecting that all-important grip. However, if you're typically in steeper areas and want maximum grip, we would recommend going with the longer skin that your ski fits in and measure the width base on how fat your tail is.