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Powder Baskets (Pair)

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This large pole basket's unique shape serves as a tool helping to engage binding heel lifters while ski touring, and maintaining plenty of float through deep snow while skiing.

  • 100 mm diameter
  • Use to manipulate your bindings on the way up
  • Ideal for deep snow
  • Compatible with all G3 Poles (2014/15 models and later)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
marc-andré b.
g3 powder basket

look a little small out of the box, but after trying it in deep japow powder, they work really great.

love it!

Al B.

Baskets are great. They look a little gimmicky at first, but I quickly began to appreciate their size and utility while touring. They serve well as a ladder adjuster and boot scraper; plus probably other functions I haven't discovered yet. I find typical round powder baskets to be clunky and not the best for ladder adjustment - these are the perfect size for all but the deepest pow.

Yong K.
Works as expected. No surprises.

I ordered these as a replacement for the carbon poles that I had where the lower shaft snapped during a fall in deep POW and was lost.

George U.
bought the wrong ones again

i meant to order the onews that have a space that clips it to the poe . I have purchased the wrong ones twice . ha ha . I mean it is no real big deal.