Topsheet-Mounted Tail Connectors - Accessories - G3 Store [CAD]
Topsheet-Mounted Tail Connectors - Accessories - G3 Store [CAD]
Topsheet-Mounted Tail Connectors - Accessories - G3 Store [CAD]

Topsheet-Mounted Tail Connectors

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Replace the tail connector on your G3 climbing skins with this ultralight and simple accessory to be lighter, faster, and more packable. Sold as a pair.

  • Mounts permanently to your ski/board topsheet with a bomber adhesive
  • Removes bulk from packed skins
  • Super fast and easy transitions
  • Compatible with any G3 climbing skins with holes in the tail strap
  • Weighs just 2g each (saving 13g vs traditional tail clips)
  • Fits skis and boards of any shape
  • Made in Canada
  • Sold as a pair

Tech Specs

Weight (kg): 0.002kg
Weight (lb): 0.0044lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Super light, fast, and easy solution to awkward tail connectors.

Had the camming tail connectors on my Cabin split with a mild fish tail. Tried reversing the cams and different configs with little success and lots of slippage.

10 min install on these and the skins are planted to the topsheet, pack way better and feel overall more secure.

10/10 absurd not to buy and use.

Mark R.
Not sure I like them

iN the field it they ice up and then need to be cleaned. Because ice is usually white, the connectors are white and the tails are white it is difficult to clean adequately and ensure a good connection hence they tend to fail

So far, so good

I’ve only been on two ski tours using the top-sheet mounted tail connectors. They work as designed. It will be interesting to see if they stay glued to the skis over the longer term.


Like everyone else said - easy to install and bomber.

And if you like to rip skins ballet style without taking your skis off it’s amazing how much faster and easier it is compared to the regular tail clips.

Kelvin H.
Tail Clips

Another simple but perfect improvement by the team at G3.
Quicker and easier, and my skins roll up so small now I can put them in my pockets!