The Buzz Surrounding The Bonesaw

Any swarthy backcountry skier or mountaineer knows a good snow saw needs to have virtues that go beyond the snow pit walls. The utilitarian side of a worthy saw means that it can cut through not only snow, but ice, wood, and in the case of Genuine Guide Gear’s latest strength factor, bone. So it should come as no surprise that G3 named its very capable, but streamlined snow tool, the Bonesaw.

The Bonesaw was conceptualized from scores of guides and avalanche experts who wanted a high performance tool with a variety of applications. As a snow pit tool, the streamlined stainless steel Bonesaw uses offset serrated teeth that easily cut through snow and ice for consistent snow pit test dimensions. A laser etched ruler and snowflake-sizing grid allow for quick and accurate measurements. But the added benefit of the saw’s design allows it to be easily extended for conducting snow pit tests like the Rutschblock, Propagation Saw Test and the Extended Column Test, which is quickly becoming the norm for qualifiable snow observations. Sold with two straps, the Bonesaw attaches to a ski pole or shovel in seconds, increasing the saw’s reach exponentially.

Outside the pit walls, that extendability goes a long way too, as it can be used to more safely cut cornices to further test a specific slope’s stability. Also, because of its ergonomic design and rubber coated handle the Bonesaw can be used to chop wood for a possible life-saving fire, or harvest blocks from your snow quarry when making igloos or walls to shield tents from wind when on expeditions.

The flat, packable nature and light weight (5.9oz) make the Bonesaw easy enough to carry on a regular basis. Since G3 believes that being prepared is a large part of backcountry responsibility, the Bonesaw is a continuation in their commitment to making three-dimensional tools that have genuine value when we need it most.



The G3 Bonesaw is streamlined, packable, lightweight, easily extendable and tough enough to cut through bone, wood, and ice. It features slots for easy attachment...

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